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2022 |  Chapman University

Directed by Shinshin Tsai  | Lights by Blake Huntley  | Costumes by Kaitlyn Caspary | Sound by Jesse Mandapat | Props by Bill Kingsbury | Projections by Daria Volynska | Hair by Joyce Cantrell | Makeup by Joe Mojonnier | Stage Managed by Ariel Bradshaw

Written by Mary Zimmerman, Metamorphoses is based on Ovid's compendium of Greek myths and their relationship to bodies of water as a transformative element. Positioned in and around a large pool on the stage, the characters enact Zimmerman's adaptations of Ovid's tales, juxtaposing the ancient and the contemporary in both language and image.

While most productions feature a literal pool of real water as their primary scenic element, this production opted for a less messy approach, inspired by the works of Leandro Erlich. 

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