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The Coraline Experience

2019  |  Themed Entertainment |  University of California, Irvine

A hypothetical themed entertainment event based on Neil Gaiman's Coraline, drawing inspiration from the novel, graphic novel, and film adaptations. The event was designed to take place in the closed Sears building at South Coast Plaza. This project was created by a team of 23 students over the course of 5 weeks, generating hundreds of pages of drafting and renderings.

I served as Head of Scenic and Lead Illustrator on this project. I was primarily responsible for generating digital Vectorworks renderings for the "Real World Garden" area, which included an artificial garden that disguised our queue area, as well as the front facade of the "Real World House." The creative director and narrative designer determined that The Coraline Experience would take place in Orange County rather than Oregon as it was in the film. This decision was reflected in the "Real World House's" design.

I also provided Photoshop renderings for areas we didn't have time to fully draft and model. 

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